The Help option provides access to the complete User Guide, as well as a link to the Legal notice that includes product version and the copyright notice, and reference to the applicable US Government Commercial Computer Software License clause.

Need Further Help?

As your trusted advisor, we understand that finding vulnerabilities and other types of risk exposure is only the first step in maintaining a secure environment. As a Tr-3 customer, we provide 2 levels of support:

Technical Support

Our Technical Support team is available to assist you in using the Tr-3 application. At no additional cost, our support teams can help you with things like logging in and setting up scans; managing target lists and scheduling scans; creating reports; problems with access and licenses; and connecting you to other team members to learn more about other products and services.

Security Services

Our security experts are availability to assist you in understanding your scan data and performing the security services needed to remediate existing issues and provide guidance on actions you can take to mitigate against future threats. Contact our Services Team for more information about our services and how you can extend the value from Tr-3.