Results Tab

Select the Results Tab to view scan results for completed scans. The following shows an example of a completed scan for the one previously scheduled.



Create Reports

Tr-3 uses the same reporting engine as used in other SAINT products. As shown in the following example, it includes nine (9) pre-configured report types designed to quickly provide reports that will be the most useful for specific purposes.


The steps to generate a pre-configured report follow:

  1. Select the Report Type that best suits your needs.

    For Trend Analysis reports only – Choose the number of data sets you wish to include in the trend analysis. Hosts and vulnerabilities will be tracked chronologically across the chosen number of data sets, producing history charts and status classifications.

  2. Select the Report Format from the drop-down list of available formats.

  3. Click on the Create Report button on the selected scan to create and view the report. The report will be generated and displayed in its own browser tab.

  4. You can view, print and save scan output from the displayed report. In most browsers, this is done by choosing Save As under the File menu.

    Adobe Acrobat also supports these actions from within the browser window, as shown in the following example: